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Like Adolf Hitler?

What a terrible comparison.  If someone were to write a biography about your life, I think the last person you would ever want to be compared to is Adolf Hitler.  Even if the fact was completely mundane.  i.e. “Like Adolf Hitler, he had a mustache and was fond of schnitzel.”  There are certainly less horrific ways to describe a man’s facial hair and taste for German fare.

Unfortunately, however, I have found recently that Hitler and I do have one thing in common and that is Hypochondriasis.  A few months ago, I started fearing that I had cancer, everywhere.  First testicles, then brain, then lung, tonsil, thyroid, etc etc.  These fears have pervaded my thought process lately and every random bodily function has been identified by my mind as a symptom.  Everything.  Minor pain, forgetting someone’s name, pimples, everything.  It sucks, constantly thinking you’re going to die.

It took me a while to realize, though, that instead of omni-cancer, I had hypochondria.

So instead of wallowing the self pity so common with this disorder, I’ve decided to share it with whoever (whomever?) cares to read about it.  I hope to update this blog about once a week with more experiences.  I don’t intend to report solely on my Hitler-like disorder, so expect posts about other things I find relevant like football (Go Broncos!), grad school, the news and life in general.  I hope you enjoy and that I can provide some inspiration to others who may experience hypochondria and feel embarrassed or frightened by it.


Thanks for reading.




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